Sometimes, we can be a little hard on ourselves. We can put way too much expectation and pressure on ourselves, and we end up stressing ourselves out. We need to be better at having a little more self-compassion in our lives. Here are some journal prompts that you can use to practice your self-compassion and relieve stress in your life.


1.      What expectations are you placing upon yourself that you cannot realistically meet?


We all tend to place expectations upon ourselves in our lives. These can be good and inspire us to be better, but they can also be very unrealistic and place pressure upon us that should not be there. By thinking about what unrealistic expectations you are putting on yourself, you can decrease the stress and pressure on yourself in your life by recognizing them and lifting them from yourself.


2.      What is one thing that you have not yet forgiven yourself for?


When we talk about forgiveness, we often talk about it in the sense of forgiving others, but what about forgiving yourself? You can carry the weight of something for far too long if you haven’t forgiven yourself, even if you’ve forgiven others in the situation. What is something that you need to forgive yourself for?


3.      What is one of the biggest sources of anxiety and stress in your life lately and what can you do to ease that?


Sometimes, we can actually do something about the things that are causing us stress and anxiety, we just don’t realize it. Think about where your stress has been coming from recently and journal about ways that you can ease that.


4.      What is your biggest worry about the future? What can you do in the present to help with that worry?


Many people struggle with stress and anxiety related to the future. However, when we actually sit down and think about those worries, we often find that there’s nothing that we can do about them in the present. Thinking realistically about your future worries can help decrease your anxiety and stress in the present.


5.      How is your self-talk? Is it primarily positive or negative?


The way that we speak to ourselves is very important when it comes to stress and anxiety. We can oftentimes be way too hard on ourselves in our head, and it can affect our stress levels and even cause further mental health issues if we don’t keep it in check. Is the way that you speak to yourself primarily positive or negative?


6.      Who could you ask to help keep you accountable for your self-compassion and stress levels?


Accountability is a great tool when it comes to mental health. Having someone there that you trust to ask you how you are doing and to remind you to stay healthy is something that is most valuable and essential in this process. Who do you trust to help you in this journey?


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